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Source code: https://github.com/gizmologists/website

Website: https://www.gizmologists.com/

Gizmologists are a club at UVA focused on small scale engineering projects. These projects have a mechatronics focus; blending mechanical engineering with electrical engineering and computer science. Each system has some mechanical parts, focused on machining with 3D printing and laser cutting, and some electrical component, using microcontrollers in order to turn motors and make the mechanical parts work.

The website was built in order to provide more publicity for Gizmologists. While the club is small, the club still makes great progress with its projects. Thus, the website serves as a viewing platform for all current and past projects, allowing the club to display its accomplishments. Furthermore, the website also has information on joining the club and a contact form, as we have noticed that many people who may want to get into projects simply don’t because they don’t know how.

Initially, the website was built using Ruby on Rails. When it was almost complete, I decided it was best to take my losses and switch it to Django. This choice was focused primarily on maintaining the future, as Django is the only web framework that is used in a required class at UVA. Thus, any computer science major will either get a head start by learning how to maintain the website, or has some knowledge on how to maintain it, depending on whether or not they have taken the class.