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Source code: https://github.com/evantypanski/gameblockly

GameBlockly was made as an introduction to programming for middle and high school students. Simply programming the GameDuino was outside of the scope for the Jamboree, thus a compromise was to be made. GameBlockly was created in order to provide a perfect link between teaching the fundamentals of programming, such as conditionals and loops, while still being able to create a fun, creative game.

GameBlockly is unlike Blockly, ArduBlockly, and other forms of Blockly. While those simply create code with blocks dragged on to the screen, GameBlockly hides behind a layer of abstraction. This is to provide a more meaningful game to play without having to dive into the intricacies of the GameDuino. This was especially meaningful, considering the GameDuino gets relatively close to the hardware with the graphics, initializations, and collisions.

Alongside GameBlockly comes a manual, created in LaTeX. This was meant to be shown at the Jamboree only, just for when the scouts make the game and have little supervision.